Journal African American Solutions

Get the Solutions, Information, and Deep Insights You Need To Thrive and Succeed.

Rooted in discovery, strategy, and innovation, the Journal of African American Solutions chronicles forward-looking solutions and next steps to remediate key issues impacting African Americans.

The Latin word "Novus" is our guide to discovering new solutions. The Journal of African American studies is a collection of case studies and articles directly related to solving problems related to African Americans. Furthermore, the Journal of African American Solutions directly showcases key strategic solutions and the publication on how to maintain solutions among African American people.

The Journal of African American Solutions features tactical guides on the most critical categories impacting African Americans: education, health, family engagement, leadership, mentoring, financial planning, wealth management, employment, careers, politics, and justice reform.

Note: African Americans are Americans. The distinction of "African Americans" featured on this site affirms the association to our native land - Africa.

"Our collective solutions will change the world and empower African Americans to thrive, transform communities, and connect to people of all backgrounds through meaningful and positive pursuits."

Dr. Jehoshaphat K. Jones
Business Innovator and Strategist